Evolutionary Genetics


Evolution is a unifying paradigm with important implications in virtually all areas of biology. Indeed, all characters that are studied in biology, from morphological or behavioural traits to the fine regulatory mechanisms of gene expression are the products of biological evolution. Evolutionary concepts are pertinent not only to the large diversity of possible applications across disciplines, but also to the massive realm of diversity across living beings - i.e., from natural/artificial clones to the major kingdoms made of approximately 50 millions of extant species, all living beings are connected through pedigrees and the phylogenetic tree of life.

You will find below links to our research in Molecular Phylogenomics and Conservation genetics. Enjoy !

Molecular Phylogenetics/Phylogenomics


        The Position of Turtles in the Phylogeny of Vertebrates

        The Phylogeny of Ranid Frogs

        The Phylogeny of Cetaceans

        And more ...  Leaf Beatles, Myzostomes, Rotifers, ... and the Yeti ;-)

Conservation Genetics


        South-American Dolphins

        Galapagos Giant Tortoises

        Jamaican Boas

        Komodo Dragons

        Panther Chameleons

Field photo galleries


        Peru & Chile (South-American dolphins)

        Galapagos (Giant Tortoises)

        Jamaica (Yellow Boa)

        Madagascar (Panther Chameleons)


Bioinformatics & Softwares


        Genealogical Network Inference,

        Large Phylogeny Inference,

        and more ...